Thursday, November 17, 2005


She does live in San Francisco and spins often at the Oxygen bar
and at other venues. Go girl!

she is also known to morph into singlebeigefemale

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Ok so she is called the desi Bjork! The entire album is spoken word with some psychedelic, trancy, planetary(as she likes to call it) scores in the background. Very appealing music and very different from the typical ethno/desi electronica out there. I'm not yet sure if she's a San Franciscan but she does have SF based co-producers. Finally it's good to see someone desi making music in whatever the f*** way they care about making it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

ze punditz

Had the opportunity to see the Midival Punditz spin it live at 1015 SF. They were the best set that night with heavyweights like ChebiSabbah and Karsh Kale. The Punditz played a few tunes from the new album "Midival times". Their set exploded on the bottom floor with 'Raanjhan', 'kesariya', 'ali' and a coolout mix of 'Mitwa'. Personally Raanjhan did the trick for me. I also met Tapan Raj Punditz after his set and was stumped by his modesty.

Hopefully their albums will continue to stomp in the genre of ethno techno


Friday, July 29, 2005

Why did she do it ?

Why oh Why did Jessica Simpson have to annihilate Berlin's "Take my breath away".
She has no talent, and should stay away from completely destroying good old songs.
And the same applies to Ashlee simpson. Gosh!

Saturday, July 02, 2005

With Apache Indian at the Concert in the park in San Jose CA on 30th June 2005. Apache Performed with Reggae Revolution and Musical Youth. This was AP's first performance in San Jose. wickiddddd ... Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 28, 2005

mombasa express

just discovered this belgian group that does european, south american house music with solid african percussion played by a guy named Raztah.

they have samples on this site

their djmebe playing is particularly catchy. specially on a track named raindance.

hopefully i can play like this someday.

follow their links about the history of djembe. you'll enjoy reading

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Karsh Kale's Milan and Letting go

I met KK at an Asian massive party in SF recently, but had known his music for a year or so before that .. I had his Redesign album and knew there was something about this artist .. something about his clarity and the fluent use of raw music in his tracks. However it wasn't until i heard Liberation's 'Milan' and 'Letting go' that i realised that there is a genius involved here. Both tracks have such an abundance of soul power they move every time you hear them. The progression from instrument to instrument in the tracks is flawless and woven as beautifully as silk.
And the man is down to earth. He had just finished spinning an awesome set at the party and i saw him walk by to the upper floor where he was sitting cross legged on the floor listening to some live classical tabla and sitar being played. I left after exchanging a few words and shaking hands
with him. A man who knows his music and knows what he wants to do with it .. what else can you ask for .

Sunday, January 30, 2005

wristband # @#$%!%

1306 has done its job.
not the best seats in the house but tickets nevertheless to what is going to be a kickass show !

wristband # 1306

just scored my wrist band this morning at the HP pavillion in san jose.

started this effort at 4 this morning to try and get in front of the line but they sent all campers away because they were handing out wrist bands only at 8am. Anyways, got back in line at 7 and got my band at 8.
now theyre going to call out numbers randomly (?) at 9:30 . Thats when every1 gets a shot at scoring tickets.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

u2 tickets

U2 performs in san jose hp pavillion on the 9th of april 2005.

tickets go on sale sunday 10am at various outlets ..

im going .. will do whatever i can to score tickets on sunday ..

unfortunately i missed the presale because im not a member .. that sucks .

but tickets i will score !