Sunday, January 30, 2005

wristband # @#$%!%

1306 has done its job.
not the best seats in the house but tickets nevertheless to what is going to be a kickass show !

wristband # 1306

just scored my wrist band this morning at the HP pavillion in san jose.

started this effort at 4 this morning to try and get in front of the line but they sent all campers away because they were handing out wrist bands only at 8am. Anyways, got back in line at 7 and got my band at 8.
now theyre going to call out numbers randomly (?) at 9:30 . Thats when every1 gets a shot at scoring tickets.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

u2 tickets

U2 performs in san jose hp pavillion on the 9th of april 2005.

tickets go on sale sunday 10am at various outlets ..

im going .. will do whatever i can to score tickets on sunday ..

unfortunately i missed the presale because im not a member .. that sucks .

but tickets i will score !