Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Prasoon Joshi - the real hero of Rang de basanti

Seldom do you hear goofy lyrics that are intelligent at the same time. Prasoon Joshi, the unlikely poet (his dayjob is ad films) of Rang de Basanti, has written lyrical gems in Paathshaala, Khoon Chala and Luka Chupi. They capture the sentiment of the film and the characters superbly and, in my opinion, are the mark of a well read and intelligent man.

"Talli hoke girne se samjhee humne gravity, Ishq ka practical kiya tab aayee clarity"

Loose translation: "A hard fall after getting drunk taught me about gravity, and a practical experiement with love gave me my much needed clarity"

Luka Chupi:

"Maine jharne se paani maa, todke piya hai
guccha guccha kaheen khwaabon ka ucchal ke chua hai"

Joshi has joined the league of stalwarts like Gulzar and Javed Akhtar by penning these meaningful and apt lyrics.

I heard his comments at the "Sa re ga ma Pa" show where he was a guest judge. Unlike most other bimbos that showed up and incessantly repeated "you sang well, God Bless you" a-la Paula Abdul, He had very intriguing thoughts about the performances and did not hold back criticism, which probably helped the participants get better.

Props to Mr Joshi.