Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Whats on my ipod 27th Nov

Gosh it's been a while. I was busy looking for a job and now i'm back in action looking for new music. I have been all over the map lately with my choice of downloads but here's what's been playing the most into my ears

1) Fuzon - 'khamaj' - Track from a Pakistani pop rocker. This song has a great deal of classical influence with very hummable vocals and an awesome guitar piece.

2) Saburuko - 'I feel love' - This is something i got from the Drum n Bass Arena camp (www. breakbeat.co.uk) . Very soothing d&b and perfect for my taste. I would love to get more of the same from other artists. Unfortunately my trip to a D&B record shop in London's camden town was fruitless even though that is the most awesome record shop i have seen (small and dainty with a serious undergound feel).

3) Kanye West - Stronger - Now that's as good as mainstream HipHop gets. I love this song and am beggining to enjoy Kan's outputs more consistently

Hear these out if you get a chance