Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Whats on my ipod 27th Nov

Gosh it's been a while. I was busy looking for a job and now i'm back in action looking for new music. I have been all over the map lately with my choice of downloads but here's what's been playing the most into my ears

1) Fuzon - 'khamaj' - Track from a Pakistani pop rocker. This song has a great deal of classical influence with very hummable vocals and an awesome guitar piece.

2) Saburuko - 'I feel love' - This is something i got from the Drum n Bass Arena camp (www. breakbeat.co.uk) . Very soothing d&b and perfect for my taste. I would love to get more of the same from other artists. Unfortunately my trip to a D&B record shop in London's camden town was fruitless even though that is the most awesome record shop i have seen (small and dainty with a serious undergound feel).

3) Kanye West - Stronger - Now that's as good as mainstream HipHop gets. I love this song and am beggining to enjoy Kan's outputs more consistently

Hear these out if you get a chance

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whats on my ipod 31st July

Niraj chag - Khwaab - How did i bump into this. I think it was one of those itunes recommendations that popped up because of recent purchases in the genre (i believe it was nitin Sawhney). Ilike 'itunes recommendations'. Anyways Niraj has a style similar to Nitin's except it is more indian classical than jazzy. I like this song because of its smooth flows. I think it has some hard edges which would sound better if smoothed. But what do i know!

Nas - Made you Look. This is a song ive loved for a long time. Since i first heard it as a free stream on Media player, it stuck in my head and i consider Nas to be in the premium league of rappers. His rhymes are hard and in the same league as Eminem's but with a more serious tone.

New Radicals - You get what you give - Now i really dont know how i landed upon this one. I think it was some random surfing on itunes (yeah i really do surf on itunes). Great song and i think the leads vocals sound a lot like a young Mick Jagger's.

3 new songs on my ipod all from different genres. Thats what I love about buying one off mp3s from itunes because i can experiment with tunes on the cheap (ie without buying a £10 CD)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

What on my ipod 14th July 2007

Heres what ive been listening to lately

Keane - Is it any wonder? - Uncanny resemblence to 'U2-even better than the real thing' but still good catchy rock.

Keane - Somewhere only we know - Picked it up on itunes after listening to it at a pub

Talvin Singh - Jaan - Classic Talvin singh - Picked it up on itunes after listening to samples at several places

Booty Luv - Shine (Moto Blanco Mix) - Classic electro house - picked it up after it was pumped into my brains at some Oxford street fashion store

Salif Keita - Sanni Kegniba - Quintessential SK with deep female vocals in chorus

Karsh Kale - Spirits in the Material World - this is a wonderfully remixed track by Karsh Kale which does not compromise the Sting original but still adds the classic KK tabla beat.

Thats it. more soon.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I found it!

Ever heard a song somewhere but didnt know what it was called? It happens to me too many times and I hate the nagging feeling i feel until I find out what the song is called and who the artist is. Now I heard this song at a very hep party thrown by a friend where the DJ was a top notch guy from a club in London. So I come back humming these 2 songs and decide to write to the DJ asking him what I had heard. Unfortunately my articulation of one of the two songs fails and I get only one name from him. The other one has to remain nothing more than a tune in my head.

The hunt begins: I hear the song again at another London club but im too drunk to talk to the DJ. I just go home and keep looking for this song on the web but no trace. Finally one afternoon im flipping throgh channels and some music channel on TV is talking about an on demand show. In the background I hear something that sounds a lot like the song i had in my head except it is with female vocals (what i heard had no vocals). All i get is one word - one word of the vocal - and the name of the vocalist. Now im armed with some more information and I hit google with the two tidbits I have. Voila! I find out that the song is called 'Yeah Yeah' and the artist is Bodirox featuring Luciana. What I had heard was an instrumental mix by D. Ramirez.

So here it is: 'Yeah Yeah' (D. Ramirez mix) by Bodirox feat Luciana

But it's not over. The second hunt had started months ago in San Francisco. I saw Soulsalaam at 1015 and went on to download a mix from his website www.soulsalaam.com
Now the mix has this groovy ass intro which just stuck in my head. I had no way of finding out what this thing was until Missy Elliott's 'We run this' comes out with a sample that is a toned down version of the tune im looking for. I google 'missy elliott we run this sample' and i reach 'Apache'. Of course itunes has like 2million versions of Apache but at least i now know what song i am looking for.

The same top notch DJ as above plays the exact mix from soulsalaam's track and i get the name of the mix from him as 'A little patchy' which is supposedly a bootleg. Only there was no such song anywhere (even on google!!!). After weeks of looking I find out that the song I was looking for was titled slightly differently - 'A bit patchy'

Finally after a long wait i found the two tunes that rang in my head in perpertuity. If you havent heard these hypnotic and addictive tunes go get them!