Saturday, June 28, 2008

DJ Antoine's 'This Time'

It's been a while since I heard any track that gave me the goose bumps. DJ Antoine's 'This Time (Klaas mix)' does exactly that.

At about 44' into the track, the DJ uses the effects to great use, drops all the Low frequencies and brings it to a peak. Then he drops it all and brings in heavy bass and a load of funky samples to make this a high point of the track. He repeats the same at about 2:45'.

The track can be found on the Summer House 2007 album.

Download legally!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The different flavours of house

I have just discovered the wonderful world of house music. i am not completely in love with the genre yet but at least I know what type of house i am listening to when i walk into a cafe or a nice clothing store (they love house don't they).

I recently arrange for some music for an event (a small affair) and I was asked to get some good house music that will build a comfortable and casual atmospehere for the event. I eded up picking many artists from the ambient house, liquidfunk (more D&B than house) and acid house. All of these are more chillout type music that the the house you will hear in a club. Some of the artists i discovered are:

Plej (Evum,Blue, Lay of the land)
Kevin Yost (Free, Pendulum, Spanish Holiday)
Mylo (Otto's Journey, Zenophile)
Samim (Heater)
Jerk house connection (New York sytle) has been instrumental in my search because they help you find songs similar to others you already like and they have also used tagging very effectively to help you find new music in various genres.

If the music at hip bars and cafes attracts you then this is your genre. give some of these songs a try.