Sunday, August 17, 2008

Bachna Ae Haseeno - music review

The music of Bachana Ae Haseeno just works. I watched the movie today and am even more impressed with the music and how it lends itself to pace of the film.

The title track, beautifully remastered and remixed by Vishaal Shekhar, is used as during the intro credits. It sets the pace, colour, and attitude of the film. The song and its choreography highlight Ranbir's hunk quotient superbly. I am still amazed by how well Kishore Da's voice works for young lads like Ranbir even today.

Khuda Jaane stands out for me among all the tracks from the album. It received special treatment from the composers and also received the lion's share of exotic locations in the video. Both Ranbir and Deepika look gorgeous in the song. Also KK and Shweta Rao treat the song very delicately giving Ranbir and Deepika wonderful voices that suit them well.

Finally, Lucky Boy is the third track I really liked on the album. Bipasha has absolutely scorched the video.

The other 4 tracks are just ok and wont be remembered for long imho. They were pleasant during the movie though.

Even the background score is heavily rock influenced given Vishal's pentagram background (assuming they did the b'g score as well). Ranbir gets massive entrances on screen thanks to the background score.

Vishal Shekhar have given claim that they are 100% anti plagiarism. Pritam had his undies washed in public with massive TV reports on his recent shameful lifts in Jab We Met and Race. I have respect for V and S given their last few compositions have been quite good. Hopefully they keep giving us more stuff like this.