Saturday, February 21, 2009

Not excited about U2's new album

Unusual for me, and with a heavy heart I have to say that I am totally not excited about U2's "No Line on the Horizon".

Their first single, "get on your boots", which I briefly heard on some streaming site and then more closely heard at the Brit 09 awards, doesn't come close to their previous headline singles (Vertigo,Beautiful Day...). The song does sound somewhat like a mashup of Vertigo's guitars and We didn't start the fire's (Billy Joel) lyrics. Not impressed so far.

I also hear that the alum was leaked on some Pirate file sharing site for a brief period and those with a keen web eye downloaded the tracks. People report that the album on the whole isn't that great.

I might still buy the album and go see them live because they are an awesome act on stage but this lack of entusiasm, rcessionary times and expensive tickets mean that It is going to be a tough call overall.