Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Whats on my ipod 31st July

Niraj chag - Khwaab - How did i bump into this. I think it was one of those itunes recommendations that popped up because of recent purchases in the genre (i believe it was nitin Sawhney). Ilike 'itunes recommendations'. Anyways Niraj has a style similar to Nitin's except it is more indian classical than jazzy. I like this song because of its smooth flows. I think it has some hard edges which would sound better if smoothed. But what do i know!

Nas - Made you Look. This is a song ive loved for a long time. Since i first heard it as a free stream on Media player, it stuck in my head and i consider Nas to be in the premium league of rappers. His rhymes are hard and in the same league as Eminem's but with a more serious tone.

New Radicals - You get what you give - Now i really dont know how i landed upon this one. I think it was some random surfing on itunes (yeah i really do surf on itunes). Great song and i think the leads vocals sound a lot like a young Mick Jagger's.

3 new songs on my ipod all from different genres. Thats what I love about buying one off mp3s from itunes because i can experiment with tunes on the cheap (ie without buying a £10 CD)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

What on my ipod 14th July 2007

Heres what ive been listening to lately

Keane - Is it any wonder? - Uncanny resemblence to 'U2-even better than the real thing' but still good catchy rock.

Keane - Somewhere only we know - Picked it up on itunes after listening to it at a pub

Talvin Singh - Jaan - Classic Talvin singh - Picked it up on itunes after listening to samples at several places

Booty Luv - Shine (Moto Blanco Mix) - Classic electro house - picked it up after it was pumped into my brains at some Oxford street fashion store

Salif Keita - Sanni Kegniba - Quintessential SK with deep female vocals in chorus

Karsh Kale - Spirits in the Material World - this is a wonderfully remixed track by Karsh Kale which does not compromise the Sting original but still adds the classic KK tabla beat.

Thats it. more soon.